Ten more days before the one month FREE Trial subscription offer ends

New subscriptions have been popping up every day since we offered the one-month FREE trial subscription.
There are only ten more days left so don’t pull this face when you find that you missed out because you left it too late to subscribe.

Here at Whaleoil HQ  we are in tail chewing suspense wondering how many new subscriptions we will get in the next 10 days.

The target I set on the third of this month was 83 new subscriptions which required an average of 2.9 sign ups a day to achieve my goal.

We started with 17 subs towards our goal of 100 subs on the 3rd and by the 20th we had added 38 more subs so we have achieved an average of 2.2 sign ups a day. If we continue at this rate by the end of the month we will have 77 subs and will be 23 subs short of my target for the month.

You know what you have to do.

If I don’t achieve my target ze humiliation vill be unbearable!



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