Whaleoil 101: How do I search past articles?

Whaleoil 101 is a series that will be added to as readers tell me what they want to know.

Today’s topic is:

How do I search past articles?

I often search through our database to find previous articles to link to that are relevant to an article that I am writing. This is how you can search for articles and topics that you are interested in too.

Step One:

Look at the very top of the page where there is a black bar. Locate the white rectangle that has the word Search inside it and a tiny image of a magnifying glass to the right of the white?rectangle.

Step Two:

To find articles on a specific topic type in one or more ?keywords?for the topic such as Islam, Labour Party, National, Fraud case, Flooding Wanganui, Map of the day, free speech, Resolution 2334, Andrew Little etc

To start the search click on the little magnifying?glass to the right of the white rectangle or press the return button on your laptop or computer.

Step Three:

A screen full of possible articles will appear like this.

Step Four:

The next step is to organise the articles either by the date they were published ( helpful if you are trying to find something published in the last 7-14 days) or to organise them by relevance.

You will see a tiny upside down grey triangle to the right of the white rectangle. Click on it to select Date or Relevance.

Step Five: Scroll down the list until you see an article that you are interested in looking at. Click on it to read it.