Wrongly Wrongson Wrong about Netsafe


When the Harmful Digital Communications Act was passed Whaleoil pointed out its flaws and expressed concern at how it could be used while Left-wing blogs like The Daily Blog got all excited about it.

Our Articles on the topic included:

  • A serious offence? Really? Can?t remember Netsafe coming out against Rawshark
  • There is no such thing as cyberbullying. There?s just bullying
  • Ever sent a TXT? Congrats. You?re now a publisher

So what happened to change Martyn Bradbury’s opinion of Netsafe all of a sudden?

Well, it turns out it is all a matter of location…


Martyn Bradbury was very comfortable with NetSafe as long as when it was used as a weapon to shut down a person’s freedom of speech he was located behind the scope, not in front of it. Now that he has become a target his appreciation of the seriously flawed legislation has understandably disappeared.

Netsafe demanded that I respond within 48 hours as to whether or not I would comply with their requests for censorship…

You can censor The Daily Blog the day you take the keyboard from my cold dead hands. The content you have asked to be censored is not defamatory and allowing secret censorship of political blogs is the most dangerous and disturbing part of your powers.

…Two days ago I was contacted by Netsafe who requested that under the powers given them from the Harmful Digital Communications Act that I censor The Daily Blog.

…Not only am I not allowed to tell you, the readership of The Daily Blog, that I have been contacted by Netsafe to censor the blog… I am not allowed to tell you if the blog has been censored.

Over the last 48 hours I have?been shocked to learn the huge powers?that have been handed over to a jumped up NGO who is merely deputised by the Ministry of Justice to manage the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

This law was effectively set up to stop teenagers bullying each other on… Facebook, what the hell?are they doing trying to censor a political blog?

If The Daily Blog has published?something that is a falsehood?about you as an individual you have the right to contact me as the editor and request a right of reply?and if we have over stepped the mark, an apology from the blog ? failing that, you can always sue us?for defamation.

…We have reviewed the blogs that Netsafe have asked to be censored and there is NOTHING defamatory in those blogs…

My advice to Netsafe is that they pause, take a long deep breath and consider the Public backlash?at this type of?censorship. You were given these powers to stop cyber bullying, you sure as… weren?t given them to censor political blogs. This is an outrageous abuse of power and I won?t acquiesce to it.

Any incoming new Government in September has to urgently check the powers that have been given Netsafe, because I can?t imagine anyone who voted for the?Harmful Digital Communications Act thought for one second it would be used against legitimate political comment online…

-The Daily Blog