Aaron Gilmore gets his space agency

It took 6 years, but Aaron Gilmore is finally going to get his taxpayer-funded?space agency with taxpayer-funded US Space Company “Rocket Lab” set to launch their launch vehicle from Northern Hawke’s Bay.

While some on the right are bemoaning the $25million from Steven Joyce’s corporate welfare goody bag given the company, I think full credit should really go to former National list MP Aaron Gilmore.? ?

But that night followed a long history of Gilmore leaving a sour taste in the mouths of those who dealt with him. It also had the effect of opening the Pandora’s box on Gilmore’s life. The rumours flowed, from the scandalous to the ridiculous. It was difficult to separate fact from rumour. Many were simple gossip – rumours about his approaches to women, although he was said to be “a hopeless Lothario”, whose ambitions were rarely matched by his actual achievements. There was a report that Gilmore had once told another candidate he had been in the SAS. Gilmore also once put up a member’s bill proposing the establishment of a space agency in New Zealand – a suggestion promptly quashed by National’s vetting committee.

Ironically, Simon Bridges is currently pushing a Bill through Parliament, based on Aaron ‘know who I am’ Gilmore’s bill.? Not to be outdone, Steve Joyce has set up his own “New Zealand Space Agency” at MBIE – costing taxpayers a cool $5million to run.

Has the National ‘vetting committee’ which (rightly) put Aaron in his place now retired?


-NZ Herald