Another potential book for Nicky Hager

Nicky Hager went sniffing around trying to make contact with a criminal hacker when he heard rumours that our website and personal communications had been hacked and stolen. He must be wetting his pants with excitement now that the students and staff of Wellington’s Victoria University have had their privacy violated.

The university are?using the euphemism of an “IT breach” instead of a hack as they currently are not aware of any “malicious activity.” The hacker may now be in possession of their usernames and passwords. There are many malicious uses for that information including not just theft of private information but theft of money. As we all know many people use the same password for various accounts.

Now all the students and staff have to do is sit back, relax and wait for Nicky Hager to write a book based on their personal and private information. I am sure he can make?some interesting connections and assumptions and can speculate ( as he does so well) on the real reason why Ms M Brown chose Pedo as her password and boylove as her username. Oh what fun, particularly if he can link Ms Brown to the uncle of the boyfriend of a National MP.

Students and staff of Wellington’s Victoria University have been warned of an IT breach The National Cyber Security Centre and security consultants are assessing the breach after the university issued a warning on Tuesday?to students and staff that their usernames and passwords may have been compromised.University chief operating officer Mark Loveard said students and staff had been contacted after it became aware that unauthorised access was gained to the University’s IT systems.

The university has carried out a number of actions to mitigate risk from the security breach and is also asking students and staff to change their passwords as a precautionary measure, Loverard said.

“We have not identified any malicious activity as a result of the breach at this time,” he said.

Nothing malicious apart from the criminal break in? Criminals don’t break in with the intention of doing nothing. They certainly had a goal in place when they broke into our private information.