Cam adds modelling to his CV and you can too

I can have our Whaleoil swag modelled and professionally shot in California for a reasonable price and I can even choose which models that I want to model it. I asked them to show me their 40+ or 60+ models and they just laughed. They don’t even have 30+ models on the books. I looked at all the models and none of them looked like Kiwis let alone like a typical Whaleoiler.

See what I mean…

A model for Whaleoil swag? Yeah Nah. There are no hipsters amongst our readership.

Nothing says Whaleoil quite like Cameron Slater so I finally managed to rope him into modelling for me. It was too chilly for the Whaleoil Tee so I will have to shoot that another day. He was a joy to work with snapping at me to hurry up and taking off caps before I was finished. He wouldn’t smile and I was given less than 5 minutes to complete the shoot using my highly sophisticated old model Samsung mobile phone.

Models huh? So temperamental!

Cameron Slater modelling our Top Selling design, the Whaleoil Biker PATCH

I want to use photos of real people modelling Whaleoil swag so if you fancy being famous send me your pics. Whaleoil is a tough brand so photos of models drinking beer, riding a motorbike, fishing, hunting, farming or working on a car would be great. We also like to have fun so if you are a road maggot and like to cycle make us eat our words by sending us those pics too, lycra and all. After all the Whaleoil Biker Patch is technically for people who ride.

If you want your own cosy sweatshirt as modelled by Cam they are available in three different styles as well as different colours. The Biker PATCH is also on short sleeved Tees, a singlet and a long sleeved Tee.



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