CAUTION: Politically incorrect ideas that may offend

Being politically correct means that you have to try to debate issues without discussing either religion or race. The below article may offend as it does discuss both religion and race in an attempt to debate the issue of birth defects, lower IQ and higher levels of aggression.


The Prophet Muhammad created Islam in the 7th Century and those who follow Islam are called Muslims. 1,400 years is a long time. That’s a lot of generations. And there are consequences…

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is almost completely Muslim – about 97 percent. Today 70 percent of Pakistanis are inbred. Turkey is something like 99.8 percent Muslim…In Turkey…the amount is between 25 to 30 percent inbred. Roughly half of everyone in the Arab world is inbred.

Among the many birth defects that are the result of inbreeding are lower levels of IQ and higher levels of aggression. Yikes. That might explain the correlation for support for the brutal Islamic Law called “Sharia” and just how long a region has been Islamic.  And then of course now Islamic inbreeding is being exported to the West. A BBC investigation recently revealed that at least 55 percent of the Pakistani population there (Muslim by the way) was married to a first cousin

…The Times of India affirmed that “this is thought to be linked to the probability that a British Pakistani family is at least 13 times more likely than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders”. Right. Like lower levels of IQ and higher levels of aggression.

The BBC’s research… let me stop right here. Usually the BBC goes out of their way to avoid saying anything that could even remotely offend Muslims or even suggest there is a Muslim problem in Europe, so this must be something they just can no longer deny. Anyway, the BBC discovered that while UK Pakistanis account for about 3.4% of all births in Britain, they account for 30 percent of all British children with disorders that are the result of inbreeding. That and a higher rate of infant mortality.

In the UK a Labour Party MP called for a ban on first-cousin marriage. How Islamophobic of him, really.

According to Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into Muslim inbreeding, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred:

  • 70% of Pakistanis are inbred.
  • 67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred.
  • 64% of those living in Jordan and Kuwait are inbred.
  • 63% of Sudanese are inbred.
  • 60% of Iraqis are inbred.
  • 54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are inbred.
  • 25-30% of those in Turkey are inbred.
  • In England, at least 55% of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins.
  • In Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

…I genuinely feel sad when I read these statistics. But I feel even more sad when I think about what is happening to the Western Civilization.

Sadness is why I used to be a Liberal. When my sadness turned to anger, I became a Conservative.



What is really unfair is that Western Civilization was created and maintained by Western civilized people. And we are facing an existential threat, in our lifetimes, from Islam…


…Other symptoms of this type of inbreeding are fanaticism


The statistics in the chart are provided by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The problem of inbreeding among Muslims is not just a Muslim problem. It’s your problem.

…Mental health issues are dramatically more likely to occur in people who are inbred, especially when we are talking about 1,400 years of Islamic first-cousin marriage inbreeding. That’s a long time. Some people have suggested that to be an Islamist you must be mentally ill. Perhaps there is something to that idea.


When a white guy walks into a movie theater (Colorado) and opens fire on the crowd with a semi-automatic riffle, killing a lot of people, we quickly discover he was mentally ill. When a Muslim couple show up to their company’s Christmas party (San Bernardino) and open fire on their coworkers, killing a lot of people, we find out that they had just publicly pledged allegiance to ISIS, also known as “The Islamic State”. We also find explosives in their apartment.

…When a white guy shows up on campus or in a mall and opens fire on people, once again, mentally ill…When a Muslim walks into a nightclub and opens fire, killing an awful lot of people, we find that he took the opportunity to call 9-1-1, right in the middle of the chaos. This was not to report his crime. The police were already outside trying to rescue people. Instead, he wanted it on record, recorded, that he was pledging his life to the Islamic State. And these comparisons go on and on.

This is how a trend is identified, when we recognize consistencies within a pattern. Yes, there are people other than Muslims who commit heinous acts. But the majority of these acts, by a long shot, are committed by Muslims. And the vast majority of the time we find they are very, very devout.

I don’t like to use the word “radical” unless I’m on the news, because I want them to invite me back. But really there is no such thing as “Radical Islam”. There is just Islam and it is radical to the core. A devout Muslim is someone who follows the commands of the “prophet” Muhammad. And of course Muhammad was the first Islamic terrorist. He invented it…



IQ is a controversial subject, not because there are not loads of evidence pointing to how relevant IQ is. Rather, it is controversial because when you discuss it, you might hurt someone’s feelings. It is estimated that, worldwide, the average IQ for Muslims is 81. Research shows that intelligence can go down 10-16 points, if one’s parents are cousins.

The risk for having an IQ lower than 70, which is what we call in the West “retarded” increases by 400 percent among the offspring of first cousin marriages.

Islam is the fastest growing belief system (some call it a religion) in the world today. It is sweeping through Africa like a wildfire…

So, consider about 1,400 years of this, the lower IQs, higher levels of fanaticism, higher levels of aggression, higher levels of irrational rage, other birth defects. Wow. Sad, but also very, very scary. That is, if you care about your future and the future of your children.

I realize it’s practically illegal to say this if you are white, but what if you care about the future of your people? Are we allowed to say “our people”? Probably not…

The truth is politically incorrect. Those who fear the truth insist that we all remain politically correct. Those who have the intellectual courage to go wherever the truth takes them, quickly realize that political correctness gets in the way of critical thinking…

Now, the nice Liberal thing to do is to do here is nothing. Just put this whole thing out of your head…

It doesn’t matter what names they call us. America’s Founding Fathers, those who imagined and created Europe, they stood up to much worse. If we can’t handle being judged and called names, we don’t deserve to inherit such a great legacy. But this is how the Process of Natural Selection works.

We will prevail. We will find a way to stop Islamic expansion and we will continue to imagine a stronger, smarter, more compassionate and even more accomplished civilization. And we will turn that vision into a reality.

And it begins by refusing to coexist with people who want to kill you…



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If you agree with me that’s nice, but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo, look between the lines and do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.

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