Face of the Day

Ms Ardern was nearly in tears as she recounted the death of a friend.

“I was only 13-years-old when my best friend?s brother took his own life.

“Behind every single entry in the suicide statistics lies not only a life lost, but a community shattered,” she said.

Mental health issues are fast becoming a major election issue and Labour hopes to address it by pledging $40 million to roll out youth health teams in every school.

This probably reflects on me more than it does on Ms Ardern, but I’m not sure I would break down 20 years later over the death of someone’s brother.

That said, I’ve had three suicides in my life, and they remain as perplexing to me today as they were when they happened. ?The stupid thing is that the real ones don’t do any attention seeking. ?One had just landed a new job she was always after and was about to move to take up the new position. ? Few days later, gone. ? I spent a good hour with her a few weeks before and she was ‘normal’. ? No signs.

One day she just walked into a park, pushed into the dense growth and checked out with a bottle of pills.

It was tragic then, it remains tragic today. ?But the most amazingly frustrating constant with all the suicides in my life is that nobody saw them coming.