Guest Post: Socialist Anarchism

It is said that most New Zealand left wing platforms are regurgitated from overseas sources, that our left wing politicians and their MSM contributors are just repeaters, devoid of common sense, of leftist policies trickled down from overseas mainly from Europe and America. For certain, the education system academics are well versed in these socialist strategies and are indoctrinating and fermenting socialist anarchism within the young and impressionable.

“We are ignoring the poor, there is mass child poverty, a call has gone out to help the poor, the government is not doing enough, unemployment is the result of the government, not enough jobs, housing is insufficient, health care is underfunded,  families are living in cars, a living wage is called for….  “

These are ‘catch cries’ of the Left MSM and politicians repeated to us daily through the mainstream media airwaves and media, along with the news Islamic terrorism continues unabated.

But where do the left wing ‘catch cries’ and strategies emanate, what are their modern genesis? Why does the left continue with these broadsides against western culture and democracy, like open borders in the EU carrying the threat of Islamic Terrorism, open borders in the USA, a living wage and intergenerational welfare dependency?

Poverty used as a weapon; most people have never heard of Cloward and Piven mainly as they worked mostly covertly and from a while ago in the mid-sixties. New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani attempted to expose them in the late 1990s, citing their 1966 manifesto as evidence that they had engaged in deliberate economic sabotage.

Their key would be to expose the inadequacy of the welfare state by overloading it. Cloward-Piven, fundamentally stated that the capitalist system’s failure can then be used against itself to discredit it all together; then to replace the failed capitalist “rule book” with their socialist version. They recruited George Wiley to lead their new movement. Wiley founded the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), his tactics derived from Cloward-Piven. His followers invaded welfare offices across the United States, often violently, bullying social workers and loudly demanding every penny to which the law “entitled” them whether they were deserving or not. As a direct result of its massive welfare spending, New York City was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1975. The entire state of New York nearly went down with it. Mostly thanks to Cloward-Piven strategies and its financial backers.

Cloward and Piven “proposed to create a crisis in their welfare system, by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income, known by the Robin Hood method,  ‘take from the rich, middle class and distribute to the poor’.

Merkel’s irresponsible non-vetted open border immigrant policy will overload the welfare and health infrastructure of already struggling European countries, weakening their individual democracy and sovereignty by threatening freedom by allowing Islamic terrorism and Sharia law to infiltrate and take over western civilisation. The socialist leaders are accepting of the EU strategy that encourages more reliance on the non- elected technocrats and legislative financial power of the European Union whose destination is a one state Europe.

In the USA we have the chestnut of open borders and the “voting rights’ of illegals. Democrats voting twice using the voting rights of dead people, using illegal immigrants votes, and conveniently forgetting of course that every illegal vote that is allowed will negate a citizen’s legal legitimate vote. Why is it allowed to happen, a socialist strategy generated in the hallmark of modern democracy?

Voting rights; New Zealand has implemented unelected Maori political and financial rights, introduced undemocratically through the regional councils, the TOW and our National government via the RMA legislation. These acts provide Maori with a privileged elitist position ahead of the rest of New Zealand. Why are we allowing the voting rights of the majority of New Zealand citizens being superseded by the rights of a select group?

In the USA  1982, disciples of the Cloward-Piven strategy founded a new “voting rights movement.” Like ACORN, the organisation that spear-headed this campaign, the new “voting rights” movement were led by veterans of George Wiley’s welfare rights crusade. Its flagship organisations were Project Vote and Human SERVE, both founded in 1982. Project Vote is an ACORN front group, Human SERVE was founded by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, along with a former NWRO organiser named Hulbert James.
All three of these organisations, ACORN, Project Vote and Human SERVE, set to work lobbying energetically for the so-called Motor-Voter law, which Bill Clinton ultimately signed in 1993. The Motor-Voter bill is largely responsible for swamping the voter rolls with “dead wood”, invalid registrations signed in the name of deceased, ineligible or non-existent people, thus opening the door to the unprecedented levels of voter fraud and “voter disenfranchisement” claims that still resonate in subsequent elections.

The “voting rights” coalition combines mass voter registration drives, typically featuring high levels of fraud, with systematic intimidation of election officials in the form of vexatious lawsuits, unfounded charges of “racism” and “disenfranchisement,” and “direct action” (street protests, violent or otherwise). Cloward-Piven disciples tried to overwhelm the nation’s understaffed and poorly policed electoral system. Their tactics set the stage for the Florida recount crisis of 2000, and have introduced a level of fear, tension and foreboding to U.S. elections otherwise encountered mainly in Third World countries.  Trump’s crackdown on’ illegals’ and building the wall has socialists and the MSM panicking with unverified claims for his ‘crimeless’ impeachment.

Both the Living Wage and Voting Rights movements depend heavily on financial support from the Open Society Institute supported by George Soros, through whose support of the Cloward-Piven strategy continues to provide a blueprint for some of the Left’s most ambitious campaigns evidently still being implemented today.

Socialism purports to proclaim the vision of an ‘open tolerant society’ but like generations of communists, they cannot offer a blueprint for the left’s promised future even as they work to dismantle the present.

They rave on about ‘flexibility’ however their mission statement for the future is an empty black- board, in their hope that someone will one day define a plan for them. The left hasn’t got a clue on how to build an economy only how to destroy it justifiable by their own definition of the ‘common good’.

In the meantime this smoke and mirrors allow the left to carry on destroying our Western Culture using ‘useful idiots’ to attain their obscure fantasy goals. After all, self-motivation, achieving and building a society is much more difficult than just tearing it apart.

We only have to look to the open borders of Merkel, the Democrats acts of subterfuge by the Liberal Media and anarchy by reportedly ‘paid anti –fascist protesters’ by their own actions evidentially themselves proving to be fascists. Additionally, we should not exclude the educators who teach socialism with political correctness as the only viable way of life.

These anarchists continue to work behind the scenes in America through the Democrats and some Republicans, in Europe through the unelected technocrats of the European Union and through the United Nations who by resolution favour despotic regimes and ideology in preference to Western civilisation’s values of freedom and democracy. These are some of the reasons why Trump has been lambasted with fake news and accusations by here say as Trump threatens to tear down the socialist anarchy which has been legislated or connived into power.

However, New Zealand is not isolated from these strategies. Behind the façade of ‘better trade deals’ the New Zealand government works with the globalist socialist political movements including the UN, preferring despots and terrorists instead of the only democratic country located in the Middle East. To our current government, it seems that any trade or immigration deal takes preference over our democratic values.

Additionally, the privileges undemocratically allocated to ‘Maori rights’ are all based on race in preference to the rest of New Zealand citizens’ rights, is a travesty against democracy, our citizens’ equality and the western values we hold dear. Bit by bit, little by little, creeping socialism, apartheid and despotic cults are infiltrating and taking over our way of life.

I will consider my voting options very carefully this election.

“Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

-Thomas Sowell.

I am so glad I am not an ‘intellectual’.

References on Cloward-Piven;

 GuestPost: Max Sky is a retired NZ/Australian Company CEO.  His continuing political and historic research is generated on a need to know basis, born through the want of attempting to validate the facts to acknowledge and share his perspective

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If you agree with me that’s nice, but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo, look between the lines and do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.

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