How useless are Labour?

How useless are Labour?

Well, dead set useless, if you look at their fundraising…ahem…abilities.

National received almost $2 million in donations last year compared to just?$564,000 given to?Labour, according to returns supplied to the?Electoral Commission.

The annual returns show the Green Party’s donations topped Labour’s with more than $850,000 flowing into party coffers during the year, although that included?one large bequest and five-figure donations from each of the party’s 14 MPs.

Only one donation was revealed under the mechanism for protected disclosure available to those giving more than?$1500 who do not want?their identity?known to the?public or the party that received it.

The donation was for $44,628, made to the National Party. ?


Labour’s biggest donation was $30,000 from the?Dairy Workers’ Union. Artist Karl Maughan?and the Delargy family Trust each gave the party $24,000 and retired judge Robert Smellie?QC donated $16,000.

Christchurch East MP Poto?Williams donated?$16,300.

Donations are a very good way at gauging support between the two major parties. People “invest” in winners, and avoid losers.

The total?donations disclosed for?2016 were:

National: $1,943,324

Greens: $860,746

Labour: $563,915

Conservatives: $139,450

ACT: $108,730

NZ First: $54,946

Maori Party: $42,237

United Future: Nil

Mana: Nil

Labour is, quite simply, hopeless.