Labour always promises a `fair’ tax system

Labour is promising to change the tax system if it wins the election to one that’s based on “simplicity and fairness”.

Finance spokesman Grant Robertson told the party’s congress on Saturday a fresh approach was needed.

“If we want a fair share of prosperity for all New Zealanders then we need a better, more balanced and fairer tax system,” he said.

“We are determined to get this right – that is why we are establishing a tax working group in government.

“It will have a mandate to develop a system that has the values of simplicity, fairness and collectability where multinationals pay their fair share, where income, assets and wealth are all treated fairly.”

Labour always does this. 

They have no idea so they tell us it will be fairer, and they will form a tax working group.

Fairer for socialists means more taxes loaded onto the middle and top end, and no taxes for the anyone else.

A conservative thinks fair taxes is the same tax rate for everyone.

As for the working group, that just tells us they have no idea what to do.

“where income, assets and wealth are all treated fairly.”

So, you are a pensioner, and live in a house in Auckland where prices have skyrocketed…welcome to Labour’s new tax spike just for you…of course you can’t pay it as you are on the pension and all your wealth is tied up in your house. So, you sell the house, along with every other pensioner and…hey presto housing crisis solved…prices slump as there is a glut in the market.

Of course millions of voters have now had their wealth slashed…so another big win there, Labour solves income equality too…now everyone is poorer.

Let’s hope the voters figure that one out.


– NZN via NZ City


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