Labours homewrecker in Tukituki giving away Land

Labour?s home wrecker, Anna ?Marge? Lorck in Tukituki is running a crusade about a new school. Unfortunately for Marge she has lost her pet hobby horse of not having maoris in havelock north, after the minister of education axed the Kura.

So now Marge has to resort to campaigning about the land set aside for the Kura being disposed of. Marge misspeaks though.

Labour’s Tukituki candidate Anna Lorck consulted with the community last night on Havelock North’s need for a new primary school at a public meeting.

Ms Lorck, who was joined by Labour education MP Chris Hipkins, criticised the Ministry of Education for announcing an Area Strategy while still disposing of the Arataki Rd site.

Education Minister Nikki Kaye said the Area Strategy had been brought forward so they could look at the education needs and how they would be addressed, taking into account factors such as projected population and roll growth.

“As minister I stand up for every child, and the ministry alongside independent experts looked at the appropriateness of the Arataki Rd site and it was deemed not suitable for children, so therefore it is not suitable for educational purposes.”

The Arataki Rd site had been transferred to LINZ for disposal, in line with the provisions of the Public Works Act 1981.

Ms Lorck said disposing of the land was unjustifiable and called on the community to help stop its disposal.

“The housing development in Havelock North is increasing, but yet, land that is reserved for education is being given away.”

Everyone knows that Labour like giving away stuff, but free land?

Where do we queue up for our share?


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