The media have lost interest in Gareth’s TOP

He was top billing in the news for weeks but he seems to have bored even his media supporters to tears.

More amazingly, he’s launched the first policy I agree with.

Gareth Morgan’s political party says cannabis should be regulated for cultivation, sale, and personal use in New Zealand.

The party’s new reform policy, dubbed ‘Real Deal’, aims to reduce harm from cannabis, the party says.

It says the current legislation is not fit for purpose under the 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act.

“With prohibition of cannabis clearly an abject failure the [policy] will take tens of millions of dollars in profits away from gangs and organised crime and use that money for drug education, addiction treatment and harm prevention.”

The policy says the reform is not about promoting usage of the drug, with its associated mental health risks. Instead, the policy aimed to recognise that abstinence was unrealistic.

“Prohibition flies in the face of popular demand and leads to illicit supply and usage.

“The evidence shows that criminalisation of cannabis has had no significant statistical impact on reducing use, nor is there any evidence that decriminalisation increases use.

“There are better, safer ways to regulate cannabis without the stigmatisation and associated social harm and taxpayer cost imposed by making it illegal.”

The approach called for shifting away from cannabis as a criminal justice issue to a health issue.

We’re now at the point where legally purchased cigarettes are more expensive than weed. ┬áBut at least the taxes from that go towards treatment.

While National is in power, there will be no movement in this area.  But they are being marginalised as more and more voters see sense in making this another excise tax stream for the government who can then provide education and healthcare funded by its sale.


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