Phoenix Milo Yiannopoulos rises from the ashes

Milo Given Queen’s Welcome At UC Santa Barbara


The MSM believed or at least wanted their audiences to believe that Milo Yiannopoulos was gone for good. Headline after headline celebrated his demise.

As his detractors were patting down what they thought was the last shovelful of dirt on his political grave Milo was planning his come back and raising funding. When he finally emerged he came out swinging and made a number of hard-hitting announcements.


…Many people supposed that the recent scandals regarding unearthed irresponsible statements made by Yiannopoulos about his own sexual abuse as a child, and his apparent lackadaisical attitude about it would demonize him enough to make him unpalatable to new audiences, and to lose him the support of the conservative movements for whom he has been both golden boy and champion since the Trump presidential campaign. The immediate fallout from the scandal brought with it many and severe setbacks for the provocateur, and was widely regarded as the end of his career for all intents and purposes…

Yiannopoulos voluntarily stepped down as senior editor at Breitbart in order to spare his colleagues any guilt by association. Furthermore, he had inked a lucrative book deal with the publishers Simon And Schuster, which they subsequently revoked. The book deal had been symbolic of Yiannopoulos’ breakthrough into mainstream celebrity and the pinnacle of his commercial success…

A few months and twelve million dollars in fundraising later, Milo has reemerged to unveil a multiple-pronged attack plan for propelling himself back into action and cultural relevancy. He intends to sue original publisher Simon and Schuster, a move which is not only a symbolic gesture of his own moral victory, but would also set the precedent that it does not behoove publishers to discriminate because of political affiliation. This move comes at the same time as his announcement to self-publish the same book, and to publish a great deal of other books by other conservative and libertarian writers similarly marginalized.

Rather than stopping him, Simon and Schuster have motivated him into becoming their competitor and rival. He also intends to double down on his bread and butter, and what has brought him the most notoriety thus far, which is of course his college campus lectures. This time he will be calling his upcoming tour “Troll Academy”, in order to highlight the need for dissent to counteract the overwhelmingly leftist and/or Marxist preferences of the vast majority of college faculty and staff nationwide.

Yiannopoulos represents a focal point in the cultural war in North America between lovers of freedom— particularly freedom of speech at the moment— and lovers of politically correct modes of thought control and language policing.

With the violent and dangerous behavior of leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and with the looming threat that they pose to freedom of speech in the form of violently enforced censorship, America needs a champion for liberty.

And so, the “dangerous faggot” has set aside his previous moniker and has appointed himself instead “The Queen of Free Speech.”

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