“Who cares about words in the street when people are dying? “

Imagine a photo of a woman being taken away by the police in handcuffs because she said something awful about the gang of people in the background of the image who are busy slaughtering everyone in the neighbourhood. While actual physical violence and slaughter are going on inside Western countries the outrage in the media is focussed not on those who maim and kill but on the words of those who point at those who maim and kill and demand that the government do something about them.

I read sickening article after sickening article where the anger and venom of the writer is directed towards those who are angry about Islamic terrorism and the slaughter of children. We are expected to believe that the real tragedy and the real horror of the situation is that conservative speakers are saying offensive things about the people who butcher our children. Katie Hopkins is the latest conservative speaker to be punished for her words by being fired from her radio job. Her sin was tweeting an offensive tweet after the Manchester bombing.

What Katie said was offensive and upsetting no doubt about it but perspective is needed. During World War Two when the British were bombed by the Germans and women and  children were blown up people would have said some pretty offensive things about the Germans in response to each attack. No one back then would have fired someone for expressing their anger and upset in extreme terms. No one would have pointed out that not all Germans are Nazis and that it was wrong for a mother to verbalise a desire to wipe all Germans off the face of the earth. No one back then would have told off a grieving public for wishing all Germans dead after looking at images of dead children and dismembered body parts.

Our society punishes people for expressing their anger and grief while downplaying actual violence and slaughter. Katie has lost her job for mentioning genocide but those who have raped, tortured and slaughtered in the name of Muhammad are welcomed back into our countries and given welfare, homes and hugs.

The below extract about Milo Yiannopoulos leaves the reader in no doubt who the enemy is. The writer wants us to reject both Milo and his message. We must tolerate Islamic terrorism and violence and slaughter but heaven forbid anyone should compare an ideology to AIDS!

A bunch of freaks, haters and conspiracy theorists joined Milo Yiannopoulos at a New York protest just now…

…“You can be a tranny, you can be black, you can be gay, you can be whatever, but the most ‘oppressed minority’ seems to be Muslims,” he says. “Why? Because they hate the West just as much as social justice warriors do. Everywhere Islam exists, you see the extermination of homosexuals and the oppression of women. These aren’t terrorists or extremists, this isn’t ISIS, this is mainstream Muslim society.”

Islamophobia, he claims, is justified – and he’s fine with discrimination against Muslims. “If there is [discrimination], I’m comfortable with it. Islam, like any other system of ideas, deserves to be scrutinized. People mock and ridicule the Catholic church on a regular basis, but nobody dares to do it to Islam. Why? Because they’ll fucking blow us up, because they’ll kill us.”

He sees himself at risk, a target of extremist violence. “… In its most moderate form, Islam is still grotesquely ugly. Therefore, Islamophobia, being afraid of Muslims, where as a gay man, yeah, I fucking am afraid! And I have every reason to be.”

…Like many on the right, he doesn’t abide by the mainstream definition of hate speech. Does that mean we shouldn’t be concerned about religiously-motivated crimes?

“It would be if they happened, but they don’t,” he says. “Muslims fly planes into buildings and blow up gays and children, what’s the worst they get? Hijab pulling, some Islamophobic comments in the street? Give me a fucking break. Who cares? Who cares about words in the street when people are dying? I don’t give a shit.”

He talks about an incident at the University of New Mexico during his college tour, when some female audience members in hijab shouted at him. “I was just like: you’re in America, what the hell are you wearing hijabs for? Tear that shit off, you’re a woman. You are a beautiful strong woman, you’re in America, tear that shit off your head and wake up.”

…“I think personally that there is something uniquely different about Islam that qualifies it for political exclusion from the First Amendment,” he adds.

He’s not done. One of his favorite catchphrases is “feminism is cancer,” so I ask how he describes Islam on that scale. It’s hard not be stunned by his answer.

“Oh it’s way worse than cancer, it’s AIDS,” he laughs – he must be joking. “It’s AIDS, there’s no cure for it… I’m kidding, don’t write that. Until they have an enlightenment, there’s no saving them…


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