Step two: curtains around the public pool

Useful Infidels think that my posts about the Muslim women only swimming programme at the public swimming pool in Mount Roskill (that had been provided on the tax payer’s dollar for twelve years quietly under the radar) was no big deal. I was making a mountain out of a molehill, and what harm did modest Muslim women pose to our society by segregating themselves from the public eye in a public swimming pool? My premise that it was only step one in a slow but relentless march towards the Islamification of New Zealand society was ridiculous they said.

In Australia step two has been brought in successfully at a public swimming pool and a famous swimming coach is speaking out against it while the usual Useful Infidels once again think that it is no big deal.

What I would really like to know is what the point is of teaching Muslim women to swim if they will only do it behind curtains and when sexually segregated? Australian beaches, rivers and lakes do not have curtains. The Muslim woman interviewed made the claim that Muslim women who learn to swim behind curtains could one day go on to represent Australia in the Olympic games. She clearly thinks that the Islamification of the West will be so well advanced by then so that they will be able to compete behind curtains there as well.