Surely David Clark should offer them the living wage, not just the minimum wage

David Clark is advertising for an intern. In other parts of the world unpaid interns have been subjected to much criticism as they discriminate against those from poor families who can not afford to work for nothing.

Apply to become a campaign intern

Are you interested in progressive politics, and keen to help Labour change the government this year?

We’re looking for several campaign interns to help us on the Dunedin North Labour campaign. Alongside hundreds of volunteers, you will work to implement our campaign across the tertiary precinct. In return, we’ll offer amazing networking opportunities, training and experience, and the chance to be actively involved in the election of the Sixth Labour Government.

Read the role description below for more information….

So will David Clark be paying the minimum wage to ensure that poor kids can afford the same opportunities that rich kids can have, or is he just after slave labour?

Back in 2012, David wrote a lovely piece about how a cleaner in parliament was tidying up after John Key for slave wages

She is not a household name, but most nights Jaine Ikurere turns up to work at Parliament to clean up after the politicians.

It’s not a job many people would want, and particularly not for $14.60 an hour.

And Jaine is not even at the bottom of the pay scale for cleaners at Parliament. She’s a supervisor. Most of her colleagues get just $13.85 an hour, a paltry 35 cents an hour over the minimum wage. For a forty hour week that works out at just $554 – and that is before the Inland Revenue Department takes its slice.

Cleaners at Parliament are currently asking for a pay rise to $15 an hour, but so far without luck. They do an honest day’s work, they deserve a decent living wage.

Oh dear, Labour’s?own words always condemn them. ? They simply can’t keep up a single line of logic. ?So what is it? ?Minimum wage or a living wage?

It’s also kind of inconvenient that National upped the Minimum Wage in real terms for the first time. ?Something Labour never did.


– David Clark, via NZ Herald