The truck driver from Huntly is dead set useless

King Tuheitia Paki – via 3 News


A Taiwanese diplomat alleged to have called the Maori King “useless” on the back of advice from New Zealand has the King’s advisers and government officials at loggerheads.

The comments came to light at a Taiwanese select committee hearing in April, which Tuheitia’s private secretary Rangi Whakaruru and former Cabinet minister – now immigration consultant – Tuariki Delamere both attended.

On their return the pair briefed Tekau Ma Rua, Tuheitia’s 12 closest advisers, about the allegations – the origins of which they say came from New Zealand.

Former Immigration Minister turned immigration consultant, Tuariki Delamere, was in Taiwan when alleged insults against the Maori King were raised at a select committee hearing.

However a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) denies the claims.

Who could possibly have guessed. ?At MFAT up is down and black is white.

The Taiwanese official is said to have made the comments at an official banquet in December last year, which Whakaruru attended.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigated the claims that their deputy head of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Kay Lin, had made the insulting comments about Tuheitia but reportedly were “unable to restore actual conversations” between the 12 guests at the banquet.

It’s understood Lin is scheduled to be posted to Australia to serve as Taiwan’s deputy representative there.

The allegations came to light after Legislator Chen Ying of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party called for Lin’s resignation when Taiwanese MFAT appeared at select committee on April 19.

Ying had invited Whakaruru and Delamere, who were in Taiwan at the time, to the meeting.

According to their report to Tekau Ma Rua, they were questioned by media on leaving Parliament buildings where they expressed their “disappointment” that Lin had made such “disparaging comments”.


He was right. ?The truck driver from Huntly is dead set useless.

But wait. ?We’re talking MFAT. ?So that means two things. ?One, someone isn’t yet used to the language, and two, common sense is thrown out of the window and as a country?we will take an indefensible position that does not align with reality.


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