UPDATE: Why does Mt Albert Grammar not allow speeches on ?free speech??

The Mount Albert Grammar story got even more interesting when our guest poster contacted me to let me know something they had forgotten to mention about what happened. After the break, I ?present for your edification a list of the speech topics that were approved by the teacher at Mount Albert Grammar.

I have a 15 year old son who goes to Mt Albert Grammar in Auckland?a school with a reputation as being one of the better schools in Auckland (though my experience with them has not been entirely positive).

For English, the class has to write and prepare a speech to be delivered in front of the whole year, not just the class, and, rightly or wrongly, speech topics have to be approved by their teacher in advance…

-Whaleoil Guest post

Topics approved by our guest poster’s teacher:

Third Wave Feminism.

?Free speech

Five reasons why I should join ISIS

*I am not joking. This is not a satirical post.