Whaleoil Swag Top Sellers revealed


The Whaleoil Swag shop has been around for a little while now and it has been interesting to see which items and slogans have been the most popular. At the moment I have a wide variety of slogans but in a month or two I will remove the slogans that no one is buying as I realise that having less to choose from may actually make it easier for customers.

The only way to find out was to test the market and the results surprised us.

PHOTO-supplied Whaleoil

One of our most popular products are the 11oz coffee mugs which have sold well despite being the most expensive items to ship because of their weight. This may be because a similar coffee mug sells for $30 at a local Mall so even when you add the shipping costs to the purchase price the total to pay is around the same.

Cam wearing his Whale Oil Beef Hooked leather cut

The most popular design/slogan was one that Cameron designed while I was setting up the shop. Some discussions with readers on Whaleoil General debate clarified what people wanted and so we created the Whaleoil Biker PATCH range which was inspired by Cam’s actual leather cut which was inspired by this political cartoon of John Key wearing the Whaleoil?patch.

A few of the items of swag to be found in the Whaleoil Biker PATCH collection

The most popular clothing item in our shop is the unisex Zip Hooded sweatshirt which is no doubt a reflection of the colder weather right now.

One of our readers was kind enough to send me a photo of him working hard while wearing a Ground Crew Sweatshirt.

He is now the official Whaleoil model for that product and I look forward to more photos of manly Whaleoil readers doing manly things.

Whaleoil reader modelling a sweatshirt from the manly Ground Crew range.
PHOTO supplied to Whaleoil