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hostage (noun) – 1. A person held by one party in a conflict as security that specified terms will be met by the opposing party.
2. One that serves as security against an implied threat.
3. One that is under the constraining control of another.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Late 13th century, from Old French ostage, hostage “kindness, hospitality; residence, dwelling; rent, tribute; compensation; guarantee, pledge, bail; person given as security or hostage” (11th century, Modern French ôtage), which is of uncertain origin. Either from hoste “guest” via notion of “a lodger held by a landlord as security”; or else from Late Latin obsidanus “condition of being held as security,” from obses “hostage,” from ob- “before” + base of sedere “to sit,” with spelling influenced by Latin hostis. Modern political/terrorism sense is from 1970.

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