Andrew’s five reasons why you should subscribe to Whaleoil

My good friend Andrew Little holding up a poorly photoshopped EPMU front page with the heading: ” FIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE TO WHALEOIL”

Andrew Little knows a good offer when he sees it and after some hard negotiations on your behalf, he has secured a fantastic deal for the downtrodden proletariat at a wallet-pleasing cost of only $2.30 a week!

But wait there’s more…

There are FIVE fantastic reasons why you should grab a subscription this month.

1. Because it makes you a member of an exclusive club comprised of people of great discernment, intelligence, taste and good looks and if you select the monthly option the first month will be FREE.

2. Because all the cool people are doing it.

3. Because every time a reader subscribes a Leftie somewhere gets offended.

4. Because being a subscriber will change you.

5. Because this is the blog your hippy friend warned you about and you are a rebel at heart.


THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.