Anti-terrorism bollards coming to a mall near you

Anti-terrorism bollards in Melbourne Australia

Is this New Zealand’s future if we don’t learn from Australia’s mistakes? If we refuse to barricade our borders, we will end up like Australia forced to barricade our malls and public squares with anti-terrorist bollards that Andrew Bolt in his video calls “stones of stupidity” ” immigration monuments” or “refugee bollards.”

…How best to describe the lumps of concrete going up outside Federation Square and Bourke St Mall to stop jihadists running us down?

…we wouldn?t need them if our immigration policy hadn?t brought in lots of badly assimilated young men who subscribe to a resentful faith.

…we wouldn?t need them if our refugee program hadn?t imported the jihadists behind Australia?s past four terrorist attacks, including the one in Melbourne last week that led Andrews to call in the concreters.

If Andrews wants bollards, at least put them where they are most needed: in front of the airport gates.

Concrete bollards have been installed at Melbourne landmarks including Federation Square to prevent terror attacks. Picture: Hamish Blair

Join the dots. Japan last year took in just 28 refugees. Number of Islamist attacks there? Zero.

But Australia takes 17,000 refugees a year, and added 12,000 from Syria and Iraq. Number of Islamist attacks here? Five in three years, and 11 foiled plots.

Yet no Liberal or Labor politician dares shut the gates. Instead, they give us this bollard farce.

New Zealand’s politicians are in a unique position. We only have 30-40 currently on our terror watch list and they have the power to close the door right now. We can adequately monitor and deal with the terrorists already living amongst us. It will be criminal negligence if our politicians?do nothing to stop more coming in when they have the power to do so. Dealing with terror attacks in a few years time because they failed to shut the door can only lead to stones of stupidity lining our main streets like a country in a war zone.

concrete bollards in a war zone

…Why not bollards on our bridges, too, as London now has? And outside busy railway stations? At crossings over which football fans stream to the ground? At shopping strips and country fairs? Bollards at only a few symbolic places are just to make you think you are being protected.

How long will this pretence go on? After terrorists hijacked aeroplanes in the September 11 attacks, cockpit doors were double-bolted. So the terrorists used explosives and guns.

When those got harder to find, they resorted to mow-?em-down trucks.

And in last week?s London attacks, they settled for just knives.

Our MPs must face facts: what?s most lethal is not what?s in the terrorists? hands but what?s in their heads. It?s their ideology. So shut the gate until we?ve dealt with what we?ve let in.

…this is war, and Andrews? bollards ? his stones of stupidity ? show we?re still too dumb to save ourselves.