An appropriate leader for the Internet party

The Internet Party. Laila Harre, Kim Dotcom in background.

I have avoided giving the reincarnation of the Internet party any oxygen after their spectacular crash and burn at the last election but after they announced their new leader I just had to write something. Their choice of leader is highly appropriate and reflects everything that the Internet Party is. I don’t think that they could have found a better leader to encapsulate the very DNA of the Internet party.

What do you do when a political party which was founded solely on the money of one wealthy man with an agenda fails? What do you do when in the past you were able to attract young good-looking candidates with no political experience because your founder offered them a salary? What do you do when your previous leader had plenty of political experience but zero commitment to the party and quit as soon as her generous salary was cut off?

The answer is that you outsource your leadership, not to India but to Russia.

 Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party has named activist and citizen journalist Suzie Dawson as their new leader.

Dawson has been seeking temporary asylum in Russia since 2016…

She currently lives and works in Moscow…

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“While teams of reckless security agents profit off politically persecuting New Zealanders, with no hope of accountability or justice, I will not be able to return to New Zealand.

Dawson said her IT management experience, media skills, and insight into politics and activism made her qualified for the role.

In other words, she has zero political experience and is unable to live in New Zealand should she or her party get into parliament. Sounds like the perfect fake leader for a perfectly fake party from where I am sitting.

“When I was asked in late January to consider the leadership position it came as a huge surprise to me as I had never considered entering politics. But the more I examined the idea, the clearer the synergies were,”

Synergies? Really? She can’t campaign from Russia and she can’t do the job if she gets elected. She can hardly call that “entering politics” as her role as the leader is a total sham. It is a meaningless title. The Internet Party is dead and it should stay dead if this is the very best it can do.

Dawson has written favourably about party founder Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party several times.

Perhaps she can add lickspittle to her C.V


…”While optimism is awesome, I think expectations were set too high in 2014, unrealistically so, and that this is a long game not a fast one.”

The Internet Party are yet to announce any other list or seat candidates.

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