Barry Soper: Think about it, Prime Minister Gareth Morgan

Barry Soper – via Imgur

I just couldn’t let this piece slide without heaping on some more attention.

Think about it, Prime Minister Gareth Morgan, leading a majority government with half of his MPs never having been elected to office before.

There’s a former rodeo rider, a refugee, an Pavlova entrepreneur and even a horror film producer. Half of his Government are women.

Sounds like the new Green party.   

Sounds absurd? Yes well it’s highly unlikely to happen but these days in politics anything is possible as we’re seeing in France at the moment which has to be the political story to beat them all.

The 47 million French voters are again today going to the polls and are expected to give their new 39-year-old President Emmanuel Macron a healthy majority. It’s spectacular because Macron’s party was only founded by him in April last year.

Barry isn’t totally off his rocker.   People like Macron can succeed because he represents the least offensive option.   If we had to choose between Gareth Morgan, Metiria Turei and Hone Harewira, who would you vote for?

Luckily, New Zealand doesn’t find itself in a position where it has no choices.  In spite of Bill English being the face of a lobotomised National party, they are selling policies to the left of Helen Clark while outdoing the Greens with electric vehicle promotion.

So Prime Minister Gareth Morgan simply started his run too early.


– Barry Soper, Newstalk ZB


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