He has beaten Ezra Levant and now he is attempting to beat a 77 year old granny

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Freedom of speech lost another battle yesterday when Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant lost his appeal. For eight long years, he has been fighting a defamation judgement against him for calling the leader of an acknowledged anti-Semitic group anti-Semitic. It was a very disappointing end to a long-running battle through Canada’s legal system but the story gets worse. Not content with winning against Levant, Khurrum Awan has turned his legal attack dogs onto his 77-year-old neighbour and you will not believe what he is suing her for. It is yet another example of legal jihad in the West.

…Awan used to be the youth president of an anti-Semitic group ? the Canadian Islamic Congress.?They even called for the?legalization?of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

But the judge ruled it was defamatory for me to call their former youth president anti-Semitic.

…I?appealed that trial judgment, and I?lost. And today the Supreme Court said they won?t hear a?further appeal.

And so now I have to pay $80,000 dollars to Awan, plus his legal costs.?That?s obviously a blow to me financially.

But what worries me more is that a legal precedent has now been set:?if you call a leader of an anti-Semitic group,??anti-Semitic?, you can be sued for defamation.

Every newspaper columnist, every political activist, every Jewish or Christian student in?university?must now be extremely careful. There is outrageous anti-Semitism on campuses these days. That?s not illegal. But calling members of those groups anti-Semitic can be?illegal,?if you don?t say it in just the right way.

This isn?t the first time that Awan has used the courts as a weapon to fight enemies of Islam.?You?ll recall that Awan took the great Mark Steyn to three different Canadian human rights commissions for writing about?Muslim extremism in Maclean?s magazine. It?was my critical coverage of Awan?s lawfare against Steyn that caused Awan to target me with a lawsuit too.

Nearly eleven years has passed since Steyn first wrote that essay in October 2006.?Awan sued me in 2009. That?s a long time. And that battle is over.

But what is Khurrum Awan up to now?

…he?s not done with?using our western courts to promote his Islamic agenda.

Just six weeks ago, Awan filed a stunning lawsuit against his neighbour in Regina. Now, most of it is just a legal squabble that neighbours sometimes have. Awan and his wife, Ayesha Ahmed, claim that there are ?approximately three trees the branches of which overhang the Plaintiff?s backyard?.?And?some of the branches snapped and fell.

The lady who owns the neighbouring house, by the way, is in her 70s. So maybe she is not doing all?the gardening she should.?I don?t care. There?s no news here.

But Awan is a lawyer, with lawyer friends.?So he got another lawyer named Ahmed Malik to sue the neighbour, demanding $60,000 dollars.

But here?s the shocking part: Awan is suing his 77-year-old neighbour for having ?a large Christian cross? on her backyard.

Oh, yes. Awan says it?s a ?violation of human rights? that a Catholic granny has a cross on her property, and that it?s “an attempt to intimidate and discriminate against the Plaintiffs, who are?visible minorities and visible Muslims.?

He?s not just asking for $60,000 from his neighbour. He?s asking the court for ?an injunction?ordering the Defendants to permanently remove the cross.?

He?s a bully. Bullying a 77-year-old Catholic granny.?Suing her for having a cross in her back yard.

The same bully who went after Mark Steyn.

The same bully who just won $80,000?dollars from me in court.

See, the Supreme Court taught Khurrum Awan a lesson today: that the best way to wage a jihad against the?west?isn?t through violence like terrorism.?The best way to wage a jihad?against the?west?is?peacefully, by using our own laws against us.

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