This is what biased anti-Semitic media looks like

Again and again, in news report after news report, biased media like BBC news write headlines to make Palestinian terrorists look like the victims. If they manufactured food instead of stories they would be taken to the advertising standards authority for misleading labels on their packaging.


Yesterday, Hadas Malka, a 23 years old Israeli policewoman, was stabbed multiple times in her throat by a “Palestinian” terrorist.
The terror attack was conducted along with two more “Palestinian” terrorists in which the young woman was murdered.
As a result of the attack, Israeli police opened fire at the terror squad killing the three terrorists.

BBC News chose a misleading headline which left out the most important facts that these “Palestinians” were armed terrorists with guns and knives and that the victim is an Israeli woman.

This is what a biased anti-semitic media looks like.

-ALL the TRUTH about what happening in ISRAEL

We’ve seen plenty of headlines like this one before, and every single time it’s a shocker.

There was the CNN ticker announcing, “Palestinians killed boarding kids’ bus” but omitting the fact they were armed with knives and later stabbed a man at another bus stop. CBS News eventually changed its headline, “3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on,” to reflect the fact that the three killed were armed with automatic weapons, explosive devices, and knives and managed to kill an Israeli security officer and seriously wound another before being shot by police.

On Friday it was the BBC’s turn to delete a tweet and headline and give it another shot…





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