And…Bill English changes his story again

It appears that Bill English and the truth are complete strangers.

He’s changed his story again, for the fourth time.

Bill English has admitted soon-to-be-former MP Todd Barclay offered to play him the secretly recorded tape of his staff members.

Mr English earlier this week first said he couldn’t recall how he found out about the recordings, then later admitted Mr Barclay had told him.

“I said what I thought. I went and looked at the police statement and I clarified that matter as soon as I could,” Mr English told The Nation on Saturday.

At the National Party’s annual conference today, when asked if Mr Barclay offered to play him the recording, Mr English admitted that he did.

“Did he offer to play me the recording? Yes he did,” Mr English confirmed.

This is gobsmackingly stupid from Bill English. It was bad enough when he changed his story once, but he just keeps on digging his political grave.

Nowhere has anyone asked what had happened to this young MP that things in his office had gotten so bad that he thought he should record his staff member. These staff are supposed to be there to help the MP, but the situation has gotten so out of hand that Bill English was roped in.

This is dreadful for Bill English now because he has previously stated he had not spoken to any of the parties directly. His Police s82 statement makes a lie of that. His now public statement of his conversation with Todd Barclay makes a lie of that.

One has to ask…Can Bill English even recognise the truth?

Perhaps media should follow up that question and the new information about Barclay having offered to play the recording to English with another question. How soon after his meeting with Todd Barclay did he ring Glenys Dickson to tell her Barclay had a recording of her?

Then this question: Why won’t the Prime Minister release his phone and text records between himself and Glenys Dickson for the time in question?

Followed by: Why are you claiming this was party business in refusing to release OIA requests for the same records?

What will be a perfect case of schadenfreude will be watching Bill English get taken out by the same nasty Evil Six who made up stories to nail Todd Barclay.

In their desperate attempts to subvert the will of the electorate they may well have inadvertently taken out the architect of the hit job in the process.