A coup? Don’t be a retard Bill, you are just showing your paranoia now

Bill English and his sycophants are running around the gallery at parliament and talking to anyone who will listen claiming that the Barclay hit job is sabotage from inside the party.

They are saying that it was all designed to run four days out from conference so that Bill could be rolled.

Quite apart from the stupidity of running around claiming sabotage from within and the messages that sends, it is just plain retarded and paranoid from him and his team of muppets.

There is no coup in the offing, if there was I’d know and be donkey deep in ensuring Bill English cops a knifing. I’d like nothing more than to see that.

It just shows how insecure and paranoid he is. ?

This whole problem has come about because of his paranoia and his vindictiveness. He and his cronies didn’t like that Todd Barclay won the selection when Bill stood down, and they liked it even less when Barclay didn’t take a hint and quit and stood up to his cronies and the Evil Six. So, they’ve run a rear guard action trying to subvert the democratic processes in Clutha-Southland.

This has all been run by a coterie of bitter and twisted former staffers and group of connected people in Queenstown, one of whom used to work for National in Auckland. They’ve been aided and abetted by Glenda Hughes, who I have written about before.

It has spectacularly backfired on Bill English.

But since he is paranoid and talking about a coup…it raises some interesting questions that perhaps he’d like to explain to his backbench.

  1. Why did he think it was a good idea to run off to the Police and give a statement against one of his own MPs?
  2. Isn’t that a bit treacherous?
  3. Can any MP in National now trust their leader?
  4. Why run a campaign against your replacement when you’ve claimed to media you have no interest in the electorate now you’ve quit?
  5. Doesn’t that now sound rather hollow given the amount of evidence before us of direct involvement in the local electorate?
  6. Why lie to the media, and then change your story, doesn’t that just make you look dishonest and untrustworthy?
  7. Did you help hose down the complaints to the board about the Evil Six from Clutha-Southland people?
  8. Why was your own President telling media he was going act on those complaints, but then never did?
  9. Why run a coup story?
  10. Are you an idiot?

Basically, if I was a backbench MP, I’d be seriously questioning my decision to install Bill English as leader right about now. He’s certainly showed no loyalty to one of his own, so why would you bother to show loyalty to him.

There is no coup as far as I am aware. Despite attempts to shop my involvement to media…which swiftly disappeared.Not surprisingly it was David Fisher who was responsible for that article. What is amazing is that it was edited out and is now nowhere to be seen.

Bill English is in trouble, but it as by his own hand and his own stupidity. The only saving grace for him is that Labour will botch the next part.