Don’t tell Phil, the Chinks have solved the rail problem

Don’t tell Phil, the Chinks have solved the rail problem…by removing rails:

China has unveiled a track-less train that runs on virtual rails in a bid to speed up public transportation in major cities.

The new trains were announced on June 2 in Zhuzhou, China’s Hunan province and are said to be non-polluting, reports the People’s Daily Online. ?

The Chinese rail corporation began designing the new system in 2013 and it is set to begin operating in 2018.

The transit system uses rubber wheels on a plastic core and has new technology copyrighted by the Chinese rail corporation.

It means that the trains can be automatically guided without rails.

It is set to be launched in the city of Zhuzhou in a bid to help traffic numbers in the area.

According to reports, the new train is set to cost around the fifth of the price of a traditional subway system which usually costs around 400 million yuan to 700 yuan (?45.6 – ?79 million).

The track-less train is also said to have a life-span of around 25 years.

Rip up the rails, lay tarseal, run trucks, buses and these new trains on it, then extend to the Main trunk line.

Transport problems solved…especially if you use driverless vehicles.

Tell me again why we are building tunnels and locking in an old technology?

-Daily Mail