Drop kick quits as a cop because Auckland is too expensive, and becomes a student instead

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This drop kick has quit being a cop because he says Auckland is too expensive…so he has become a student…in Auckland.

Of course, the Herald has pimped this anonymous story without even thinking for just a second that the story sounds like bullshit.

An Auckland police officer has had to quit the job he loves, because he can’t afford to live in our biggest city on a police pay cheque.

The 25-year-old man, who has asked to remain nameless, was a police officer for almost six years.

But even though he enjoyed the job, he had to choose between leaving Auckland or leaving the police.

He agonised over the decision for 18 months, before deciding to quit the police to stay in Auckland.

“The reality is, there’s zero chance of being able to own your own house, on your own.

“The future, financially, was just too bleak for me to just sit there at my desk, doing what I was doing, for the long term.”

The former constable has now signed up for a Bachelor of Commerce at Auckland University, and hopes to eventually work in the finance industry.

So, it’s too expensive to live in Auckland on the salary of police officer. The Police website explains what that is:

After you’ve been attested, you’ll earn a salary of $55,002, with a total remuneration of around $61,560 for the first year out of the college. On average, constables in their first year also earn around $6,500 in additional payments such as allowances and overtime. Further pay increases will depend on your role, your shift patterns and promotion.

The average salary for an officer working in their fifth year is around $60,024 with an average remuneration of around $67,093, not including additional payments such as allowances and overtime. Hence your pay is likely to increase along with your experience on the job (remuneration includes salary, superannuation, life insurance, and allowances).

He’s been on the job for 6 years so would have been in that top pay scale. Not bad for a 25 year old. But here is the real kicker…he could have studied while he was a cop. And on top of that he was paid while training. Plenty of Police officers train as lawyers for life after policing.

So, he thinks it it too expensive to live in Auckland on a Police officer’s salary but it is perfectly alright to live in Auckland on a student allowance.

This story is utter bullshit.


-NZ Herald


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