View from the back of the High Court

The day I am writing this is the final day of what was supposed to be a three-week?High Court trial that became a 4 week one. One thing I don’t think I have mentioned in previous reports was what my actual view was from the back of the court. From where I was seated I was visually assaulted every single day with the?view of a man in a suit with his hand down the back of his trousers scratching his lower back. He didn’t do it continually, he did it every 20 or so minutes throughout the day. I guess he had an itch and he?needed to scratch it.

The judge would have been totally unaware of this as his view of the man was only from the front and somehow even Steve Braunias on the side of the court missed it too. On the way home I reflected on how our view of a situation can be totally different to how someone else views it simply because of our different positions in this drama that we call life.

A self-represented?litigant probably?sees himself like this.

While the person he is suing may see?him like this.


A person being sued for sexual harassment in the workplace might?see what occurred?like this.

While the person accusing him of sexual harassment will see it like this.

My position in the Drama that played out over the four weeks was made up of three different views.

At the end of the trial, a smiling and friendly Mr Craig shook hands with our legal team. His view of all that has occurred seems to be that it was two sports teams competing on the legal field of the High Court.

My view is slightly different to Mr Craigs. I see it more like this.