Good on Rachel MacGregor, she’s standing up to Colin Craig

Two weeks ago it was revealed that Colin Craig had filed defamation proceedings against Rachel MacGregor on November 7 2016, but rather sneakily had them sitting at the High Court hoping she would miss her two year deadline to file proceedings against him. That deadline expires on June 22.

Rachel MacGregor has muscled up against Colin Craig and yesterday filed a counterclaim and a statement of defence to his claims, which involve three things: 1. She defamed him by issuing a tweet, 2. She defamed him by issuing a press release, 3, She defamed him by speaking with Jordan Williams.

She has hit back:

Former press secretary Rachel MacGregor has filed a lawsuit against Colin Craig.

The Herald can reveal that MacGregor is counter-suing Craig and filed papers in the High Court at Auckland today.

It is understood those papers have been served on Craig, although he declined to comment to the Herald tonight.

The former Conservative Party leader filed defamation proceedings against her in November 2016.

MacGregor was never served and only learned of Craig’s legal move through media this week.

As a result, she has taken her own legal action.

“When media alerted me that Mr Craig had sued me I sought legal advice,” she told the Herald tonight.

“That advice was that I needed to file a document by today in order to protect my legal position.

“I will not be commenting further at this stage as the matter is before the court.”

The only reason Colin Craig sat on his filing in the court is to try and hope Rachel MacGregor wouldn’t counter sue him. That plan has been foiled by the latest development.

There will now be a case, and we will finally get all the details out there, something Colin Craig has been seeking to stop from happening. People are going to find out precisely what I know from documents in my own case.

I understand that there will be a crowdfunding exercise to assist Rachel MacGregor. This blog will be lending our voice and our support to Rachel. Defamation proceedings are horrendously expensive, but when you have a rich man seeking to harm you using lawfare then you must stand up to him. That is why I never caved. I admire Rachel MacGregor for taking this step but it is an expensive one. Hopefully, substantial backers will be found.


-NZ Herald