Greens want 5000, TOP wants 3000, either way that is way too many

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The Green party is ignoring the pain and suffering of Europe and want us to bring in 5000 refugees.

The Green Party says New Zealand will take 5000 refugees a year if it is in Government, 1000 of whom will be resettled by churches and other non-government organisations.

The party will also announce at a World Refugee Day event today that it wants to take an additional 100 people a year from Pacific countries threatened by rising oceans.

To create capacity for the larger refugee intake, it will build a new centre paid for with a cut of the money invested in New Zealand by wealthy migrants.

National last year announced that New Zealand’s annual refugee quota would rise from 750 to 1000 in 2018 – the first increase since the quota was established in 1976.

The Greens say that a greater response is required in the face of a global humanitarian crisis, which has led to an unprecedented 65 million people displaced worldwide. If the party is in power after the September election, it wants to immediately double the existing quota to 2000, and then gradually raise it to 4000 by 2023.

How does get fucked sound?

The Greens along with Labour have been pushing a housing crisis and yet they want to now bring in 5000 “refugees” to add to the problem?

The TOP party isn’t much better, they want 3000:

The Opportunities Party is committing to quadrupling New Zealand?s refugee quota to 3000 per annum over the term of the next Parliament.

As establishment politicians gathered on the steps of Parliament to pay lip service to the idea of international humanitarianism TOP candidates Geoff Simmons (Wellington Central), Jessica Hammond Doube (Ohariu) and Jenny Condie (Tax spokesperson) reiterated the Party?s stance on refugees.

Rather than adopt a ?just enough is good enough? attitude TOP has analysed the country?s capacity to take more genuine refugees and found current settings woefully inadequate.

Figures released by the U.N. yesterday show we are currently 95th in the world for refugee intake per capita. We can do much better.

Yeah, nah…unless of course we make these refugees hunt cats.

The opposition say we have a housing crisis, amongst many other crises…perhaps we could solve those first before importing a whole bunch of people who are incompatible with NZ society and want to import their own shitty issues here.


-TOP, NZ Herald