Guest post: What impact does Islamic terrorism have on our society?

via barenakedislam

It?s all about perspective and I was reminded a few days ago?just how small a place the Earth actually is and how events can impact upon us all.

I have a Nephew living in London with a young and vibrant seventeen year old daughter.

Two weeks prior to the Manchester bombings at the Ariana Grande concert ? the daughter had attended a Bruno Mars concert at the same venue. Not even a near miss ? however the significance of the event and the ?there but for the grace of?? had an impact.

This morning via a skype call, my Nephew explained that he was at a blues concert in the country all weekend ? with no cell coverage. When he and his friends came back into coverage, multiple messages showed up.

The first message was that mum and daughter were fine ? however they had been at the borough market at the same time as the attack – just 24hrs prior ? another miss ? however this one was a little closer.

The friends my Nephew was with had even more messages ? the last one being that Gerry was fine.

Gerry was their nineteen year old son. He worked in a bar at the Borough market. He and the other bar staff recognised that something bad was happening and got the patrons at tables outside to come indoors and they locked the doors. This was the caf? that the terrorists tried to break into. The upshot was that Gerry witnessed the deaths of the three terrorists and the wounding of one of their patrons in the gunfire.

Suddenly the impact on me in little old NZ is not that minor.

Why am I writing this?

Because it is time for Western society to take a stand. Terror attacks have one goal ? to demoralise the enemy and to make him put in place controls that curtail the freedom of the population. Since 9/11 the terrorists have been winning. The security controls at airports, vehicle bollards to stop vehicular attack and the extra surveillance that we all undergo.

Until we as a society wake up and attack the root cause of the problem ? radicalising within Islam in our counties and the unrestricted immigration of Muslims of indeterminate loyalty – we are doomed to continue losing.


– Rosco