It’s a hard row to hoe, but Bryce has finally linked to Whaleoil for the first time in many years

Oh man. ?To think my very good friend Bryce Edwards has finally let me come in from the cold!

And there’s another “Dirty Politics” dimension to these [National party] divisions, with supporters of Barclay tending to be close to the Judith Collins faction in caucus. Unsurprisingly, then, Cameron Slater has been blogging in Barclay’s favour and against Bill English. As Mike Williams says, at the time that Barclay’s scandal started unfolding,

“The National Party factions were by this time leaking like sieves, as anyone who consults the Whale Oil blog will discover” – see:?Tough week for two political leaders.

If you do consult Cameron Slater’s blog today, you will find posts like?HDPA on the Bill’s balls up. In this post, Slater aims squarely at the Prime Minister:

“It’s not over yet. There is disquiet amongst the backbench, serious disquiet. Ministers are also speaking in hushed tones, and these are ministers you’d never have thought would speak against the leadership so wedded they were to John Key and then to Bill English. Bill English has lost control of his caucus, with many thinking that if he is prepared to get involved in local electorate petty grievances and let his personal animosity cloud his thinking then perhaps he shouldn’t really be leader much less Prime Minister. The rumblings are there, they will spill over if this ends up before the Privileges Committee. The fact that Bill English can’t shut up, and every time he opens his gob he adds more intrigue suggests his time might be up one way or the other. The media smell blood, and they know Bill is lying. It is not going to end well.”

All I had to do was just to kneecap National to get back in Bryce’s good books.

Job done!


– Bryce Edwards, NZ Herald