Headline: “Government exploits the Greens”

The government is exploiting the Greens’ support for the family package by claiming the party is backing the budget.

The Greens should have seen it coming, and maybe they did.

It was a brave decision to vote in favour of the legislation that implements the government’s family support package, and now they’re paying the price.

Dozens of times, in the debating chamber and outside it, government ministers and MPs have talked about “the Greens’ support for the budget”.

They’ve made a point of thanking the Greens, and contrasted their position with Labour’s decision to vote against the package.

Prime Minister Bill English was one of them. When it was pointed out to him the Greens in fact had supported budget legislation, not the budget itself, he replied they could call it what they liked but the family package was “the core of the budget”.

Let’s be fair. ?It’s not the Greens that are being exploited. ?It’s the taxpayer! ? At least the Green party aren’t as thick as Angry Andy and will actually say when something isn’t half bad.

Greens’ co-leader James Shaw explained that he couldn’t vote against a budget measure that would lift thousands of children out of poverty. ?…

The Greens’ position on the family package didn’t help Labour, whose response to it hasn’t been too flash.

By trying to pick the family package apart to find examples it could use to show that not everyone is going to be better off, and some will be worse off, Labour became so confused and confusing it’s doubtful the tactic has had much impact

National isn’t exploiting the Greens. ?It’s driving a big fat wedge between Green and Labour.

Excellent politics.

Bad for our pockets.


– NZN via Yahoo! News