Helen’s back and commenting, she should just quietly go away somewhere

Helen Clark has seen fit to pipe up and start commenting on our politics again.

She’s back in the country and I’ve heard that incidents of scared children and house hauntings are on the rise.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister and United Nations development programme head Helen Clark has refused to offer a prediction on the upcoming election, instead referring to a surge in “unpredictable elections” across the western world.

Ms Clark said she was “standing apart” from the current New Zealand political scene.

“I watch not uninterested, but not engaged.”

Thank god for that.

She referred to New Zealand’s issues as “first world problems, but they’re still problems for our people”.

When asked about New Zealand’s relationship with Donald Trump’s administration, Ms Clark remained tight-lipped on her thoughts.

“I’m sure New Zealand will get on and make its luck with this US administration as it’s make its luck with every administration.”

When asked about the recent rise of Labour parties in certain countries, Ms Clark said “we’re seeing quite unpredictable elections in Western countries.”

“Brexit was unpredictable, the last UK election outcome was unpredictable, the American outcome was unpredictable, look at France.”

“Anything can happen in politics.”

Yes it can. But Helen Clark ceased to be relevant in 2008 when her government was thrown from office.

If she could just STFU, that would make most of us happy. Though, I’m told there are some within Labour who wish she would come back to haunt their house again.

Meanwhile reports of mothers milk curdling in Mt Albert are on the rise.