The hills of Europe are alive with the sound of … silence

Islam is not what I would call a joyful religion. For some strange reason, it is against so many of the things that we associate with joy and fun and beauty in the West. Women’s hair, (their crowning glory) must be hidden from sight under a horrible hijab or a beauty shaming burka. Alcohol even in moderation is banned, not to be used for relaxation or pleasure. The saddest aspect of the ideology of Islam strikes at the very heart of western culture which is music and dance. Music is a universal language that can uplift a person from any race or culture yet Islam sees joyful, uplifting music and dance as sinful.

It is not surprising?then that when Islamic terror attacks happen they often choose music venues.

One of Germany’s largest rock festivals, Rock am Ring, was forced to evacuate its audience Friday following a terrorist threat. The festival shared the announcement on Facebook, asking 80,000 attendees “to leave the festival site in a calm and controlled manner toward the exits and camping grounds.”

…The evacuation comes just 11 days after a suicide bomber detonated a homemade explosive in the Manchester Arena in England following a Ariana Grande concert.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Amy Harris/REX/Shutterstock (5729282ab)

Concerts in the West are never going to be the same again. All a person has to do now is to make a bomb threat like was done a few days ago at the Hollywood Bowl in order to stop or cancel a performance. How long will it be before all that we have left is the sound of silence?