Labour’s intern scam gets worse now union links are revealed

Labour’s intern scam is getting worse, now it looks like a deliberate attempt to subvert electoral laws by establishing an arms length third party organisation funded by the unions.

Except of course it has turned out that it isn’t at all arms-length because it was all organised under the auspices of the Labour party.

Newshub has obtained internal documents outlining Labour’s ambitious plans to put foreign students to work on its campaign.

The plan shows the party needed to find $270,000 in funding to pull it off and was banking on unions to fund a lot of it.The budgeting was based on 100 students staying for an average of eight weeks. The cost of feeding and housing them in motorhomes was estimated at $240,000, with an operational budget of $30,000 for petrol, venues and AT HOP cards.

That’s the immigration rules busted…feeding them and housing qualifies as gain or reward.

The documents show First and Unite unions agreed to contribute $100,000, “white collar unions” committed to $50,000, while Union Trust put up a start-up loan of $25,000.

The plan was to get E t? and “other appropriate unions” on board too.

The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) was also to be involved in management of the project, and while Labour has been distancing itself from the project, the documents explicitly states: “The programme and certification is the responsibility of Labour.”

But CTU national secretary Sam Huggard says the plan was never shared with them, and the CTU actually turned down a request to manage the interns.

“We’ve never seen this document and the CTU was not involved as described. I presume this was an early proposal document of some sort,” he told Newshub

“Matt [McCarten] asked CTU to run the worker aspect of Campaign for Change on the 12th of May this year, but we declined.”

On top of the union cash injections, a huge fundraising drive was planned – including holding 24 fundraising dinners, selling more than 1000 raffle tickets, bringing in donations of an extra $200 a day and recruiting 800 additional members.

The students were to sell the raffle tickets – 15 a week each, which would bring in $96,000.

A less expensive plan was also outlined, in which half of the students would be billeted.

The cost of that came in at $148,000 plus operational costs. It would have required less of a fundraising drive, but still relied on union funding.

Where is Nicky Hager when you need him. This is far dirtier than anything I am alleged to have done.

Labour cannot claim that they had nothing to do with all this, the advertisements were all in their name. Andrew Little’s chief of staff was running the operation until he took it with him. It is all Labour’s and they need to own it.

If Andrew Little is trying to claim that he knew nothing then that hardly qualifies him to lead the country when he doesn’t even know what his own staff were up to.

To cap that off the claims of McCarten that this was wildly oversubscribed are destroyed by the documents Newshub has.

The final nail in the coffin is the involvement of Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradury. He is now busily smearing the whistle-blowers and hurling abuse around traps that this is all a National smear job. He just can’t get it through his tiny little brain that everything he or Matt McCarten touches turns to poos. When both of them are involved it is milking shed proportions of poos.