Let’s apply graphic warnings to sugary food and drink

Whatever happens to the tobacco industry will eventually trickle down to the food industry. We already have the media throwing around terms like “Big Sugar” so if graphic health warnings are now being forced onto tobacco products then it is only a matter of time before soft drink and fast food manufacturers are forced to put graphic warnings onto their products. My?mind boggles with the possibilities.

Health warnings on cigarettes are set to become more horrific to prevent Kiwis from smoking danger complacency.The new graphic health warnings that will have to be printed on cigarette packets have been released.

They will?start appearing on packets from March next year.

Australia was the first country in the world to switch to plain-packaging of cigarettes.

New Zealand is following its example, and needed a?new set of graphic images to replace those which currently appear on cigarette packs.

New Zealand cigarette packs will?closely resemble the Australian pack designs, including being coloured the same?nasty shade of green- Pantone?448C- now widely dubbed the world’s ugliest colour.
Though the term plain-packaging is widely used, the packs smokers will end up with are anything but
What smokers are going to get is an enhanced version of the horror packaging they are already faced with, only with cigarette branding almost entirely removed.

The new set of graphic images include dissected blackened lungs, open-heart surgery, rotting toes, a baby on oxygen, a dying man in a hospital, and a little girl with an oxygen mask over her face.


When the academics get their way and graphic warnings are put on your bottle of soft drink or your quarter pounder combo I have a few cheeky suggestions for graphic warnings on the packaging. I didn’t have to make them as there are already plenty floating around on the internet. The difficulty they may have with enforcing them will be that the politically correct academics will come up against the politically correct fat lobby who will call their health warnings fat shaming.