Why are only Maori being helped to get drivers licences?

Hobson’s Pledge raises a very good point:

A $4 million fund to help young Maori get their driver licences to get them into work and keep them out of jail, launched this week, makes good sense, but why base the programme around ethnicity?

The new initiative, Passport to Life, announced by Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell, aims to help Maori aged 15-24 get driver licences, birth certificates and passports. See http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/te-manu-korihi/332028/4m-for-rangatahi-to-get-driver-licences-and-id??

Proof of identity is needed for a driver?s licence and ability to drive is often a prerequisite for work, or at least getting to and from work.

Costs can be a barrier. A standard learner licence costs $93.90, a restricted licence is $134.80 and a full licence is $109.50.

Driving without a licence is a crime, those who get caught are fined, the fines build up, and those who don?t pay may end up in jail.

However, the lack of a driver?s licence is an impediment to many young people, not only Maori. Hobson?s Pledge says if funding for drivers licences for needy young people is a good idea, the scheme should not be limited to Maori.

This is clearly a racist policy, why is the government promoting it other than as a bribe to?the Maori party?


-Hobson’s Pledge