McCarten continues his bullshitting ways, claiming a union funded campaign is non-partisan

Matt McCarten, who has wrecked more parties than anyone else in New Zealand has left Labour and is now heading up a new “non-partisan” lobby group designed to get out the vote and find the so-called missing million.

Here is his “non-partisan” press release:

With less than 100 days until the 2017 election, New Zealand launches ‘Campaign for Change’.

1 million people did not vote in the last election. 250,000 people who were required to register did not. These numbers represent a crisis of democracy. This group overwhelmingly consisted of young people, workers in low paid occupations, as well as Māori, Pacifica, and other ethnic communities.

“The Campaign for Change will channel the energy and passion of New Zealander’s who want to see a change of Government this election.”  says Director Matt McCarten.

This non-partisan campaign is being created in order to get people engaged and involved. The disconnect between a million citizens and political participation is a threat to our democracy.

The Campaign for Change is directed by the goal of full political participation. Through this campaign, we will aim to have 1 on 1 interviews with 100,000 New Zealanders who are not enrolled or who did not vote at the last election to not vote. We want to turn the issues these citizens care about into a campaign.

“We are launching our push for volunteers next week. If you want to be part of a campaign that promotes political participation, we want to hear from you!”

The programme is independent of any political party but is supported by progressive organisations in Auckland. The focus of political activity is voter enrolment and participation.

Facebook: Campaign For Change NZ

Twitter: @ChangeforNZ

Instagram: @CampaignForChangeNZ

Matt McCarten

Campaign for Change Director

Let me translate what “progressive organisations” means. It means the unions are funding this.

It is about as far from non-partisan as you can get. If I set up a lobby group and declared it was non-partisan the media would be all over me claiming it was a right wing lobby group. I bet they don’t do that for Matt McCarten.

Matt McCarten was donkey deep involved with the dirty politics hit job…will he use the same tactics here.

Or will they roll out the “Mike Williams Plan” for engagement with Pasifika? Maybe they will go further and insist that the Electoral Commission puts polling booths inside KFC restaurants.

One thing is for certain, despite the code words, this is a left-wing initiative to garner votes for the left-wing, paid for by the unions and other left-wing organisations. Non-partisan it is not.



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