Naked political opportunism or the unpalatable truth?

Winston Peters says terror could come to New Zealand. Bay of Plenty Times Photograph by George Novak

Winston Peters has called on the “Islamic community” to turn in terrorists in the wake of the London attacks.

David Seymour has described Winston Peter’s speech in parliament as naked political?opportunism while at the same time acknowledging that we should not be naive and think that these events are completely random that they are not systematic and that they can not be detected or prevented.

Thanks to political correctness trying to prevent an Islamic attack in New Zealand by focussing on key issues is labelled as bigotry, intolerance and populism. Political correctness is one of the biggest barriers to the protection of our society. Sure Winston is a Populist but that doesn’t mean that what he is saying isn’t true. It is popular because it strikes a chord.

New Zealanders do not want to hate. Kiwis are not known for bigotry. New Zealanders are an easy going accepting and very tolerant people. That doesn’t mean that we are stupid. Jihadists do not exist in a vacuum. Their Muslim communities and their immediate families will be well aware of the changes in them. If Muslim communities and families put their religion before their citizenship and stay silent they should not be surprised when the average easy going Kiwi condemns them and demands retribution. Why shouldn’t we be pro-active and put the Muslim community on notice? If we want to prevent a terror attack in New Zealand we will need them as our allies in the fight against Islamic terror.

They shouldn’t be offended by this. As New Zealand citizens who share our values, they should be as eager as we are to prevent Jihadists from harming their fellow Kiwis. We can certainly count on the Ahmadiyya community to help. If on the other hand there are Muslims who do not share our values and who call us Islamophobic, bigoted and racist for expecting them to turn in the extremists within their communities then we have every right to call their loyalty into question.