Nats worry that Bill may do a Theresa

Rob Hosking at NBR talks about Theresa May’s awful campaign:

In the UK, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has tried hard to present herself as not from one of those ruling classes of the kind that dominated in the past few years. She isn’t a Notting Hill social liberal, like David Cameron, and she went out of her way to connect with disgruntled Labour voters with more what you might call ?traditionalist” values.

It didn’t work, for several reasons.

One is Mrs May is an atrocious campaigner. Opponents within the Conservative Party are putting around on social media that every marginal electorate in which she campaigned, her party lost.

This may or may not be true: The fact it is being put around at all, by members of her own party, tells you the death watch beetle is clicking on her leadership.

?Strong and stable? was the mantra, uttered in every second sentence by Mrs May and others in her party, no matter what the question or the issue.

The problem with this is that endlessly repeating ?strong and stable? ad nauseum is not a particularly strong or stable thing to do.

In fact, it makes you seem weak and worried.

The big problem ? and this is a lesson for all politicians, irrespective of nation or political allegiance ? is that it insults people’s intelligence.

And voters, increasingly, are reacting against politicians who are inclined to patronise them.

That is a big lesson for New Zealand’s upcoming general election.

Yes, it is a big worry, for National.

They are increasingly worried that even though Bill English has great command of the minutiae of government he is still no leader and his arrogance and hubris will undo the National party like May’s undid the Conservative party.

The only saving grace is that Andrew Little is also dead set boring…and stupid to boot.

All Bill can hope for is that Andrew Little lurches even harder to the left in the mistaken belief that Kiwis will like Corbyn style politics.

As for Steve Joyce, he will be frantically looking for a large supply of shock collars to keep Bill English under control.