We need more subscriptions so that we can buy this

Medieval castle under attack

Cam has told me what he wants for his birthday and I simply cannot get it for him without your help.

Currently we under repeated attack by a man with a castle so we need to increase our firepower in order to successfully storm the walls. Traditionally castle walls can be successfully breached using catapults or battering rams but Cam came across something on Trademe that would be perfect for our needs.

Colin Craig’s castle

It is a Rolls-Royce powered ex Aussie Army Centurion 5/1  built in 1952 and they only want eighty (mumble, mumble) dollars for it.

They said it had had only one careful lady owner so I asked if I could take it for a test drive. Cam videoed the results. Perhaps you could all subscribe so that I could replace my squashed car as well?

They have a cheaper Czech made T-55 MBT as well…which might do at a pinch.


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