After nearly 20 years and millions of dollars, Palestinian leaders will on Wednesday cut the red ribbon to inaugurate a museum about their national heritage. Yet while the architecture is impeccable, the exhibition halls are empty.

The leaders have trumpeted the opening of the museum in the West Bank for months, hailing it as a home for a national memory which Palestinians often accuse Israel of trying to eradicate.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will take part in the inauguration of the impressive building covered in greenery on the hills of the Birzeit university town near Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Workers have been rushing to install electrics for the ceremony but no artists have been preparing an exhibition.

…Researchers had been searching for Palestinian family albums from around the world for months, but the exhibition isn’t ready.

The idea for the museum dates back to 1997, four years after the Oslo peace accords established the Palestinian Authority and were in theory meant to lead to an independent Palestinian state.

The building cost about $28 million, financed 95 percent by Palestinians, Qattan said, stressing none of the materials were imported from Israel.

What a joke. They rely on Israel for both their water and their electricity yet they want to celebrate the fact that they refused to buy materials from their nearest neighbour with the billions of dollars given to them by other countries for infrastructure. They are a totally dependent people and the empty museum built from materials not imported from Israel is the perfect metaphor for them.