New Thoughts on Sea Level Rise

Of all the absurd claims made about global warming sea level rise is perhaps the potentially most concerning.? Huge numbers of people live near the sea on low lying land.? The alarmists take delight in posting frightening pictures of huge areas inundated ? they only ever show populated areas or small low lying islands disappearing .

It is a similar story with adverse events.? Grab some wild pictures of Hurricane Sandy or a flash flood taking out hundreds of people and make the images big and bold and scary.

Of course, it is always ?going to happen?.? The claims are predictions.? They are not qualified in any way.? ?No probability stats.? No ?maybe?s?.?? Just hysterical claims how about how bad it?s going to get. ?

They have been making these claims for 50 years.? Most of their outrage has been in vain.? So now, their predictions having failed, they resort to lies and deception.? The godfather of alarmism and also hypocrisy, Al Gore, has a new movie out.? He uses some trickery with Hurricane Sandy footage to try and convince himself and his fellow doomsayers that it?s proof of the reliability of his first fundraiser ? ?An Inconvenient Truth?. ?His claim in the first movie was that ordinary sea level rise would reach the memorial site in Manhattan ? not a storm surge pushed by a hurricane.? What a crock.

Nothing, however, about the loss of polar bears ? sorry, got that bit wrong last time. Numbers have never been higher. ?Nothing about snow loss on Mt Kilimanjaro ? sorry, another falsehood in the last movie.? No more pics of Lake Chad in the new movie after even his staunchest supporters told him the lake?s drying up has nothing to do with global warming.? He won?t be trying to pull another swiftie on the Gulf Stream.? Al may have invented the internet and won a Nobel but he is a tad underdone for stopping the most powerful sea current on the globe.? I am sure someone from NIWA has called him up on the lack of eco-refugees from flooded Pacific islands too and gently persuaded him from repeating that lie.? Even college know atolls grow as sea levels rise.

Just a sad old man, badgering people, yelling his failing messages, desperate to be part of the millenial?s scene, watching his relevance slide into an Arctic ocean like just another hunk of glacier ice.? Trying to bolster his Mr Big image and pull some more dollars for his various investments.? Increasingly a very large, square pole in a very round hole.

Of course the media will be there sucking up all the hysteria and exaggerated claims.? They are no longer concerned about the truth and reality. ?Much of Gore?s new focus is on Trump, deriding and carping, undermining the office he sought and to his everlasting chagrin, lost.

Incidentally how is sea level rise going? ??Given the gradual emergence from the ?little ice age? and the slight warming over a couple of centuries modest sea level rise has been an accepted phenomena long before CO2 levels moved up.

A comprehensive analysis of the world?s 2,100 tide gauge measurements held by NOAA from 1807 show that overall, sea levels are rising at 1 mm/year and that 65% of the gauges record stable or falling sea levels.? Reality is that sea level is regional rather than global.

In a paper? – TIDE GAUGE LOCATION AND THE MEASUREMENT OF GLOBAL SEA LEVEL RISE, Michael Beenstock, Daniel Felsenstein, Eyal Frank, Yaniv Reingewertz, explain that there is huge areas of the globe where there is simply no recorded movement, either up or down in the level of the sea.

The tide gauge sites where sea levels have been stable to falling include such locations as: Canada, Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Russia, Greece, Sweden, Pacific Ocean, Denmark, California/Oregon/Washington (US), Croatia, Costa Rica, Norway, Chile, India, UK, Ireland, Spain, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Here are a couple of examples.

Those graphs won?t keep you awake at night even if you are in a hammock in the Pacific.? In fact, scientists had to resort to ?adjusting? the figures for all the Pacific Islands to get the numbers to fit the narrative.? They simply couldn?t find an island going under no matter where they looked.

Even a silence has fallen over the Maldives ? you know, the place where they held the cabinet meeting underwater.? Professor Nils-Axel Morner was right ??nothing to see here, move on?.? There was no rising sea level then in 2009 and hasn?t been any since.? When the Maldives wanted investment capital for a new airport they promptly forgot rising seas levels.?? Bunch of hypocrites.

Last point.? Leo DiCaprio flies to climate change events in his private jet.? He has now purchased an island only inches above high tide level and plans to spend multi millions on a so-called eco tourist venture.? That?s code for a sex den out of camera range.? Of course he believes in rising sea levels and the danger of burning fossil fuels.? Yeah right.


-Name withheld by request