NZ First surges in latest poll

As I have been predicting for quite some time NZ First is surging in the polls with the latest Newshub poll:

Winston Peters and New Zealand First have registered an all-time high in popularity in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

The party has 9.4 percent support on the poll which comes with 100 days to go until the election.

But even with a surge like this, Mr Peters is pretending he’s not excited.

“Well it’s your poll and you know what I think about your polls,” he told Newshub.

This is a particularly big result for the potential kingmaker, given New Zealand First traditionally peaks as it gets closer to Election Day.

At the same point before the 2014 election, New Zealand First was polling just 3.6 percent. It climbed another 5.1 percent by Election Day to get 8.7 percent as a final result and 11 seats in Parliament.

If it rises by the same amount this time around, New Zealand First would get a final result of 13.9 percent and allow it to bring in more than 16 MPs.

Both National and Labour traditionally slide by around 5% in the closing weeks of an election campaign. NZ First traditionally rises.

It is my belief that NZ First will get over 15% this election.

What will be interesting is how Labour and National hold up.

Right now, on current numbers National’s current support parties cannot get them over the line. Only Winston Peters can. On the other side Labour and the Greens do not have enough either, and they need Winston Peters. The only way the Red/Green bloc can get over the line is if the Greens get nothing by way of portfolios and yet again become the bridesmaid who was put on the block the night before.

I am still saying that on current polling we are looking towards a National-NZ First coalition government.


– Newshub


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