NZ’s Chinese crime spree

A tour guide for Chinese tourists is fielding more and more questions from customers about whether New Zealand is safe to visit.

A Chinese-made anti-crime advertisement that said New Zealand was becoming a criminal paradise has been clicked on more than 15,000 times in the social media platform WeChat since its release on Saturday.

The video weaves together the voices of people from varying ethnic backgrounds expressing fear of violent attacks on ethnic minorities in New Zealand.

They are pleading with the government to do more to curb crime.

Tour guide Lynn Mi, who has been working as a tour guide for Chinese visitors for three years, said people were becoming more apprehensive.

More customers were saying they had heard from friends and family who have worked and studied in New Zealand that it was not safe to go out at night.

Ms Mi said her own 86-year-old mother was robbed of her money and jewellery in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn and police were yet to find the culprits.

For the first time she was having to advise customers not to walk at night, to avoid parks and not to put their belongings down, she said.

“We can only warn the customers ‘don’t go somewhere, don’t go to Albert Park’,” she said.

It was up to the government to change the situation for those being targeted, she said.

Ms Mi said she thought Chinese tourists were targeted because there was a false belief they carried cash.

15,000 Chinese clicked on a ?social media link. ? Really. ? That’s the source for this story?

Don’t go to Albert Park at 2 am and put your stuff on the ground? ? Nobody sensible would do that.

What a disgusting beat up. ?But then this is a Red Radio piece, and if you listen to them for any length of time, you’d end up swinging from a rope before the inevitable and clearly soon-to-arrive end comes to New Zealand.


– Eva Cortlett, RNZ